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burger king

Yes. TikTok is one word. And yes, I personally do believe it is the last shining beacon on the internet. 

When TikTok started blowing up in the start of the year, BK knew it needed to start making. The challenge? BLENDING IN. 

So we were asked us to kick it off, and kick it off we did. We quickly gained a large following and beat major other brands like Wendys, and McDonalds to the game. Plus... scrolling TikTok for 3 hours a day to get "inspiration" wasn't too bad either.

Don't be shy... watch a few.


*If you are at all confused, it may be because these are playing off of the deep inner trends of TikTok and to the naked eye may

just be construed as weird... but we promise, the people of TikTok understand them, and love them.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 11.50.22


and proud of it 👑



⚠️never before seen footage⚠️ #ladygaga



when the fam goes to sleep and you can finally stop eating your moms cooking and eat your BK #quarantine



pov: you are a chicken fry and you see this smile. wdyd? 

83.5 K views


and that's on having it your way king.  



 me in the clubs the first night i am fully vaccinated

49.3 K views


👀"um mom? Can you come pick me up, he is eating the bk fries one by one again" #normalvspsychopath



when mom says you can't have bk becuase you had it last night 💧#quarantine

146.1 K views


not tryna share? we get it 🤝 #papertowel

204.1 K views


eating in quaratine rly be hittin' different 

45.9 K views


✨perfectly imperfect✨ #symmetricalface

146.1 K views


no fries were wasted during the making of this tok #orbeeze

77.6 K views

Copywriter: Wilsynn Wheat

Art Direction: Sara McLaws

Associate Creative Director: Cody James Dummer

Creative Directors: Enrique Camacho  

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