The Mad Gals' mission is twofold: to cultivate a community of equality, collaboration, and creativity, and to prepare females to excel in the advertising industry. This vision guides Mad Gals to pursue methods that unite men and women in celebrating the divine female perspective.


using Instagram (our

most followed platform) we organized events to help people just getting into our program feel welcomed, understood and empowered!

"I started this club because I could never see my female future in advertising. I could imagine it, but nearly all of the alumni examples were men. They were brilliant men, but they weren't women. Where were all the women?"


-Faith Ivory 

(Co-Founder &  Art Director)






a weekly highlight of women who are bad a$$es. 

(here is one of my personal girl crushes, Colleen DeCourcy. True story, I met her at Cannes and was a total freak and fan-girled hard... It was embarrassing... but she agreed to come speak to us, so I guess it was worth the embarrassment. :)) 

Mad Gals was started in 2017, as a way for girls in our program to support and inspire one another in the path for equality in the work place, and in the world. 

This year we worked to build Mad Gals even further to help realize the Mad Gals goal of aiding the students of our program.



will be holding a campus wide ambient and interactive international women's day event to help the women across Brigham Young University recognize their potential and power as women! 


will be hosting a gallery show, for guys and gals to demonstrate their creativity and their unique perspective of the world through art. 


will be hosting a female industry leader as a speaker, (potentially the same one as my women's crush??). 

2018-2019 Team:

Copywriting: Jessica Nugent

Management: Claire Jensen

Strategy: Marinda Cummings

Content Creation: Katie Baker

Art Direction: Sara McLaws

some more fun

to come :)

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2017-2018 Team:

Art Direction & Logo Design: Faith Ivory

Copywriting: Chanler Bledsoe

Management: Mary Lamphier