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Hopper predicts future flight prices with 95% accuracy. What would it look like if all predictions were just as accurate?


tv spot

:30 sec 

traditional banners

These banner ads use a backdrop of fallible predictions like psychics and fortune cookies to highlight Hopper’s 95% accuracy.

fortune cookies

These extra accurate fortune cookies are handed out with

in-flight meals.

airport crystal ball

Travellers go up to Hopper pillars like this one, select a region/country, and select a season they’d like to visit. Hopper then makes a prediction on the best time to fly, and projects the predicted price in the crystal ball.

tarot card

The accurate tarot decks are given out at gates during long wait periods. The deck contains a guide book to help people get the most accurate hopper tarot reading possible.


Hopper’s accurate horoscopes, or “Hopperscopes,” live on Instagram, and are released periodically to satisfy those who want a more trustworthy prediction. Each post, as well as the Hopperscope bio, links to the Hopper app.

Art Direction: Sara McLaws

Copywriting: Paul Monk

Cinematographer: Jed Thunell 

Editor: Jonny Richards

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