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1. Avatar the Last Airbender 

there is nothing like an animated kids show filled with drama and love plots to make you feel happy inside

2. Great British Baking Show (duh)

especially after 2020, this show brings a different meaning to reality TV, you will never feel so truly warm inside as you will while watching the bakers fill the tent and joke with the adorable hosts. (Honorable mention, that is in the same vein as GBBO, is The Big Flower Fight)

3. Middleditch & Schwartz

well, first of all I have a massive crush on Ben Schwartz , so if anyone out there is reading this, please let him know I'd be interested in marrying him or wtvr. But in actuality this show got me through some of my darkest days. This show will make you laugh even if your depression hasn't allowed such a thing in over a year. I promise. Plus laughter is the best medicine, they say. I usually stick with Ibuprofen, but hey, I am no dr. 

4. Broadchurch

This British crime drama came out in about 2017 or so, but I rewatched it this year, because apparently I am now old enough to start forgetting plots. Kinda a gift, also a curse. But anyways. This  show's twists & turns will hook you. Also I think David Tennet is weirdly attractive. I guess that is the theme of the shows I watch. Weirdish looking, but funny, brunettes. 

5. The Queen's Gambit

Like... if you didn't watch this already... click here. The production design/ art direction had my jaw on the floor the entire time. Andddd the plot is so fun. Never thought I would care about chess again after I quit the chess club in 5th grade after exactly one week, but well... 2020 did strange things to us all. 

6. The Crown

ohhh sweet lady di. 

7. Indian Matchmaking

I don't know what is so interesting about watching people be matchmade... but all I have to say is, if Ben Schwartz doesn't call me soon, I'm going to have to call a matchmaker. 

8. Sex Education

This show is just really fun. 


9. Unorthodox

I am just such a sucker for a good limited series. Plus who doesn't want to learn more about the culture of the Orthodox Jewish community. Also it was the first time ever seeing this man in anything... and I was pretty grateful. Again, I have a type. 

10. When They See Us

Perhaps the most important thing I have watched all year. It opened my eyes to the injustices in the criminal and justice system. It tells the story of the central park 5, who were wrongfully accused of a heinous crime. It is hard to watch at times, but also important. So many black and brown men are wrongfully sentenced, for crimes they didn't commit because of racism. The director Ava Duverney tells this story in such a deeply beautiful and heart wrenching way, it is impossible to stop watching.  (Honorable mention, 13th, by same director is a remarkable documentary about the prison system in America) #blm


1.We Are Who We Are

Based on a New Yorker army brat kid, who ends up on a U.S Army base in Italy. By the same director as Call Me By Your Name. and definitely has similar magical ambient vibes. The characters are all so complex and perfect. 

2. The Undoing

okay, I am not 100% sure about putting this on my list, but also, I was so deeply riveted by the mystery, and wanting to know who committed the murder, that I couldn't stop watching. So, there is something to be said about that. ALSO. Nicole Kidman's coats?? Iconic. 

3. Lovecraft Country

This show is wacky and twisted and sci-fiey, in such a good way. It is definitely a journey, but it is one you will want to take. 

4. Euphoria

So this was not anything like what my high school experience was... but maybe I was just sheltered. This show's music, cinematography, performances and writing all make it one of the best shows out there. Not to mention the truly incredible makeup art. It was so amazing it literally sparked long lasting trends on TikTok this year. 

5. Insecure

Issa Rae, is just powerful. I guess I am just a sucker for a relatable millennial character struggling through life to find meaning and love. Plus it is so funny. 

6. I May Destroy You

This show is hilarious, and the soundtrack is *chefs kiss*

7. Succession

Like a more cutthroat game of thrones. but in suits. 

8. The Vow

One of the most deeply shocking and interesting looks into the NIVIM sex cult. Ir kinda messes with your mind, but like cults are wild bro.

9. Watchmen

Too much to say about this mind altering show. I was confused because it definitely doesn't follow the original watchmen comics. It is it's own thing, but in the universe of watchmen, and honestly I love that kind of thing so much more. Especially with a well baked plot like they have created. One of my faves. 

10. Sharp Objects

This was a limited series that came out one or two years ago, but it is still one of my favorite HBO shows. The plot, and characters themselves, are bone chillingly spooky. Not sure why but mystery/thriller set in an eerie southern town just ups the spookiness level every time. 

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1.Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

this is most definitely my favorite tv show ever. And if you haven't had the pleasure of watching it, may I recommend you do so immediately. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the quickest witted writers and humans who has ever existed. Her characters are hilarious but also human and honestly the second season of this show has the ability to turn any bad day, good. I love this show so much. 

2. Downton Abbey (Amazon Prime)

This show feels like coming home to me. It is definitely not for everyone and it may be a little too British for some, but the stories of the upstairs and downstairs of a large manor home in England in the 20's and 30's are pretty heartwarming. I am just a good fan of BBC dramas  

3. Survivor (Netflix/CBS)

So here goes my reality TV portion of my list. Starting with Survivor. Again. Not for everyone. And you may be saying to yourself, that show from 2000 is still going? Yeah I know. Weird. But there is just something I love about watching people battle it out physically, mentally and socially in order to win the game. There are better seasons than others, but the two currently on netflix are both reallll winners. Highly bingable. 

4. RuPaul's Drag Race (Amazon Prime)

Drag queens are funny and entertaining. There really isn't much more to explain about this one. 

5. Uk's Love Island (ITV)

hahaha. I personally feel like I am best friends with many of the stars from the UK season 6 of Love Island. Watching  hot British people chill all day with other hot British people sounds really boring, but i guarantee, it isn't. Their little ism's will transform the way you talk, so be aware. They air the show for several weeks every single night, so there are about 50ish 1 hour long episodes for every season. It is a lot. But also... somehow, not enough.

6. 30 Rock

Tina Fey just is funny. 

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