break up box

burger king

We thought it's was time to let those exs burn.


In partnership with the Warner Brothers movie Birds of Prey, we created the Breakup Box — a customized box that gave you a free Whopper when you inserted a picture, item, letter or general piece of nostalgia linked to your ex. We placed it in the  Times Square Burger King location and watched the items come rolling in. The media response was massive (1 billion impressions to be exact). Burger King, now serving: Catharsis.

And just to make the experience of turning your ex-flame into a flame grilled whopper even better... we decked out the Times Square Burger King with graffiti, and released limited edition Whopper packaging and crowns. Nothing says female (or male) empowerment like a pink crown. 

Copywriter: Wilsynn Wheat

Art Direction: Sara McLaws

Associate Creative Director: Cody James Dummer

Creative Directors: Enrique Camacho  

Producer: Chris Badders

Production Company: Makeout