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I guess you could say I like to spend my time collecting tiny things, chatting/tending to my 25+ house plants, and searching for the best ramen on earth. I have also been known to watch a ~slightlyexcessive amount of shows, but it means I am always ready if you need a rec

I've been told if advertising ever becomes an obsolete trade, I could transition to become a fortune teller. It might be my witch-like unruly curls that give off the vibe that I'm "mystically inclined", but I'll take it. So if you ever need your tarot cards  read*, I'll do it for a hot slice of pizza, or tbh, even a cold slice.

Currently living and working in Boston,  at Mullenlowe. 

*reading future with accuracy not guaranteed


Student Brags:

Young Ones Portfolio

ADC Cube -Young Ones 

ADC Cube -Young Ones 


Young Ones -The One Show

Student Emmy



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